Do you want a workforce of engaged innovative employees that drive revenue, profitability, and operational effectiveness to insulate against threats and take advantage of market opportunities? If so, your team will require training at a hands-on level to drive improvements in products, services, and processes. Our courses are designed to provide the tools and skills necessary to be an innovation difference maker in any role, organization, company, or industry. Innovation theory is taught to establish a common language and the foundational knowledge necessary to drive application-level innovation skills. 


Pricing for our portfolio of classes is dependent on the output of our proprietary interview approach to ensure our course material matches organizational preferences for content, length, and potential real-world projects. Please contact us at for additional information.


Portfolio of Courses 

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Applied Innovation - Becoming a Difference Maker

Coursework instructs participants in theory of leading innovation practices and application to their organizations. Lessons will build proficiency through foundational knowledge, in-class exercises, and the use of templates, guidelines, and assessments. Class material is taught by experienced innovation practitioners who convey their practical insights, lessons learned, and tips to enhance and accelerate student learning.

Crowdsourcing (Gaining the Wisdom of the Crowd)  

Crowdsourcing is an enhanced collaboration approach that leverages the ideas and skills of your employees, partners, and customers to improve your products, services, and processes. The difference between a successful and failed crowdsourcing event centers on optimized challenge statement development, effective crowd engagement and guidance, participation incentives, and idea selection and refinement. 

Business Model Analysis/Development (Is Your Business Model on Life Support?)   

Business model innovation provides the highest degree of success and profitability of all types of innovation. With the proliferation of new technologies and explosion of new models developed in the last 5-10 years, your model(s) are weakened or on life support. Regular review and enhancement of your model(s) can mitigate potential threats to your business. This course will provide the foundational theory, lessons learned, and tools to examine, modify, or completely create a new model for your business.  

Strategic Foresight/Futures Studies (Tracking Over the Horizon Storms and Opportunities)  

In dynamic and rapidly changing business environments, having an over the horizon view of social, technological, environmental, economic, and regulatory trends is crucial to anticipating rather than reacting to change. Incorporating trend analysis into corporate planning exercises can lead to innovative outcomes that proactively address opportunities and challenges of the future. Attendees will learn foundational knowledge of futures studies and gain hands-on experience with a suite of forecasting tools and approaches.  


Business Meeting

Some consulting practices want you to be dependent on them for results, but we want to enable you to stand on your own two feet. Our consulting practices are based on an engagement approach that seeks to raise your level of innovation proficiency and reduces your need to re-engage our team for similar projects. Our consulting stays continuously in teaching mode. We are there to enable you to innovate independently. Our consulting practices focus on:

  • Crowdsourcing Tool Acquisition and Challenge Execution

  • Business Model Analysis, Development, and Validation

  • Strategic Foresight Analysis, Tracking, and Reporting

  • Internal Innovation Training Design and Development (Train the Trainer)

  • Design Thinking Incorporation into Customer Centric Solutions

  • Innovation Metric Development

  • Environmental and Cultural Assessment and Journey Mapping



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We have spoken at over 50 conference and customer engagements including leading academic institutions (Harvard Business School), major analyst conferences, and Fortune 500 customer off-site meetings. Our presentations are customized to fit the sponsor's objectives resulting in an informative approach to innovation and futures studies. 

Sample Presentation: Hitchhiker's Guide to Innovation

An organization needs difference makers for innovation to occur more often and be more impactful. This short presentation provides an entertaining and educational overview of critical areas to advance innovation. The goal is to motivate attendees at all organizational levels, to begin or accelerate the innovation journey, personally and professionally. The session will include theory, storytelling, real-world examples, and explanation of tools to eliminate barriers and will be peppered with life experience humor.


With over 40 years of combined innovation experience, training, and consulting resulting in the development of over $2.5B in new revenue, founders Robert Marshall and Glenn Wintrich have a passion to foster innovation in organizations that are seeking an advantage in the marketplace. Based in Dallas, Texas, we have global experience in teaching and consulting with organizations representing all major industry groups and sizes from start-ups to Fortune 50. In addition, Robert and Glenn have co-authored the book Applied Innovation: The Field Guide and were both acknowledged contributors to the book Business Innovation in the Cloud: Executing on Innovation With Cloud Computing by Jim Stikeleather and Peter Fingar. Additionally, Glenn is a co-author of the book NextGen Smart Cities

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Robert Marshall, CEO and Founder

Glenn Wintrich

Glenn C. Wintrich Jr., Co-Founder